Mainstay Math LLC

Vendor Products Background

Necessity is the Mother of Invention and with students struggling in math and a desire for improvement, Mainstay Math, LLC created Libraries of Literature and Linking the Literature Instructional Resource Guides.  We educators began by examining the National Conference for the Teaching of Mathematics (NCTM) standards and expectations and then coupled the national guidelines with grade level knowledge and skills and surveyed the market for age appropriate literature.  Mainstay Math products were developed to promote motivation and mastery of critical math concepts on each grade level.  We wanted to accomplish these goals without diminishing the joy of learning!

The Linking the Literature Instructional Resource Guides include engaging activities for students with the curriculum aligned to conceptual trade books for context.  Summaries of the literature, discussion questions, vocabulary, and suggestions for activities are included as well as recording sheets for accountability purposes.  The pages are perforated to facilitate easy usage.

Mainstay Math Literature Libraries include over 20+ books that inform students on all the math concepts they need to be familiar with on their grade level.  This collection of trade books is a compilation of the best books currently available in the marketplace and includes a scope of the curriculum at no extra charge.  These are all the books mentioned in the Linking the Literature grade level guides, and are conveniently packaged and ready to implement for teacher read alouds or for students sustained silent reading time.