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Individual Inventory Order:  Geometry

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Book Title Item # Price Purchase
Amazing Buildings 124AM09 3.99
Bear in a Square 206BE10 6.99
Best Mother Goose Ever 200BE08 14.99
Bug Dance 130BU06 5.99
Built to Last 201BU08 18.99
Butterfly Alphabet Book (The) 133BU05 7.95
Captain Invincible and the Space Shapes 134CA07 5.99
Circle 135CI03 3.25
Cloak for the Dreamer (A) 135CL06 16.95
Dot and the Line (The) 202DO08 8.99
Eye Spy Shapes 140EY04 8.95
Fly on the Ceiling 144FL01 3.99
G is for Googol: A Math Alphabet Book 145GI01 15.95
Get Up and Go! 207GE10 5.99
Go Figure! 145GO05 16.99
Grandfather Tang's Story 146GX02 6.99
The Great Polygon Caper 300GR10 5.99
Greedy Triangle (The) 147GR04 6.99
Hamster Champs 147HA06 5.99
Icky Bug Shapes 153IB03 5.99
I Hate Mathematics Book 150IH05 14.99
Inch by Inch 208IN10 6.99
Jack the Builder 155JA01 5.99
Kitten Castle 156KI01 5.95
Learn and Go Shapes 156LE03 2.00
Let's Fly a Kite 156LE07 5.99
Mapping Penny’s World 157MA07 17.00
Math Curse (The) 158MA05 17.99
Math Dictionary 001MD020 12.95
Math Fair Blues 158MA06 5.95
Math Fair Blues (Spanish) 158MA07 5.95
Mummy Math:  An Adventure in Geometry 164MU04 6.99
My Geoboard Flip Book 209MY10 9.99
My Map Book 164MY06 16.95
My Shapes 165MY01 5.99
Once Upon a Time Map Book (The) 166OX04 11.99
Over, Under, In, and Ouch 210OV10 21.27
Pigs on the Ball:  Fun with Math and Sports 169PI05 6.99
Pocket Tangrams - Animals 123AN01 6.99
Pocket Tangrams - Buildings 123BU02 6.99
Pyramid 170PY04 9.95
Rectangle 173RE05 3.25
Rosie's Walk 174RO04 6.99
Run Round Bear 174RU05 5.99
Shapes, Shapes, Shapes 174SH11 6.99
Shape Up! 211SH10 6.95
Silly Book of Shapes 203SI08 8.99
Sir Circumference and the Dragon of Pi 175SI01 7.95
Sir Circumference and the First Round Table 175SI02 7.95
Sir Circumference and the Great Knight of Angleland 175SI03 7.95
Sir Circumference and the Sword in the Cone 175SI05 7.95
Solid Shapes 176SO06 5.25
Sorting:  Math Counts 204SO08 4.95
Square 177SQ07 3.25
Symmetry Patterns 178SY13 6.99
3-D Shapes Are Like Green Grapes 2123D10 19.95
Three Pigs, One Wolf, and Seven Magic Shapes 180TH04 3.99
Touch and Feel Shapes 205TO08 6.99
Treasure Map 188TR01 15.99
Triangle 188TR02 3.25
Village of Round and Square Houses 188VI14 17.99
Warlord's Fish (The) 189WA01 15.95
Warlord’s Puzzle (The) 213WA10 15.95
We're Going on a Bear Hunt 189WE09 7.99
What's Your Angle Pythagoras? 190WH06 6.95
When a Line Bends a Shape Begins 190WH07 5.95
Where's that Bone? 190WH08 5.95
Where's that Bone? (Spanish) 190WH09 5.95
X Marks the Spot 190XM18 5.95
Zachary Zormer Shape Transformer 190ZA21 7.95