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Mainstay Math, LLC provides support for your math curriculum through products (kits, libraries, instructional guides, and individual trade books) and services (professional development, mentoring, and tutoring for students).  Our area of expertise is math literacy and as educational consultants, we bring years of experience and support to your teachers and program.  Improving math achievement through concept attainment is our goal and students are our focus.  Share in the joy of learning today the Mainstay Math way!


BooksLinking the Literature

Available:  Grades K-6

These 112 page instructional resource guides will empower each math teacher with ideas and recording sheets for a full scope of math literature per grade level.  For each of the 20+ books aligned to national standards, there will be a synopsis of the story, key academic vocabulary, discourse questions for discussion or journal writing, and a couple of ready-to-implement "hands-on" learning activities based on the math concept presented in each lesson.  This integrated approach using authentic books that stimulate and activate students' thinking processes is very engaging, and highly interactive.  Now students will gain a better understanding of the math, and teachers will have a practical supplement at their fingertips that is research based.

These 8.5 x 11 Linking the Literature books (© Mainstay Math LLC) are available for $19.99 each.

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Math Literacy Libraries

Math Literacy Libraries contain trade books which are carefully selected to cover the entire grade level curriculum in math.  Each literacy kit contains 20 + books and a list of math concepts which have been aligned to assure that all math standards have been addressed.

No one else offers all of this!  We've done the work for you, and now you and your students can enjoy this collection of literature for read alouds, for stations, or to read themselves.  A storage box and a scope of skills are provided free.

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Flip bookFlip Book
Only $9.99 each !

This dual language (English and Spanish) activity book (© Mainstay Math LLC) is designed to provide "hands-on" engagement with geoboards, so that while students are constructing, they are working on the geometric concepts  of transformation.

The pages are made of unique, durable material so that the cover and pages rotate on a fixed point, and can hold up under repeated use.  The pages in the book define congruency, symmetry, translations, reflections, and rotations with accompanying graphic representations of polygon's movements on a plane.

The Flip Book supports the geometry curriculum in grades 4-6 and is available for $9.99.

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Math & Science Dictionaries

Science dictionary
math dictionary

Vocabulary is an important key to student success in the critical content areas of math and science!  These dictionaries are filled with graphic representations of the terms and concepts necessary for students’ understanding and are extremely comprehensive.  Both dictionaries are organized by national standards as you can tell from the covers.  They also include indexes and handy guides in the back for a quick reference and easy access to all math and science terms.  We have found these 130+ page dictionaries to be a great resource for teachers, helpful parents, and all students desiring proficiency.  They are an indispensable tool to use!

These books are available for only $12.95 each.  Classroom sets of 25 are more can be purchased for as little as $10.95 each.  Order using the following codes to receive the discount for high volume pricing:  025MD 020 (math) or 025SD020 (science).