Mainstay Math LLC

Literacy Library Background

Whether you enjoy reading aloud to your students, or believe in having"quality" literature available at their disposal for independent reading, Math Literacy Libraries are the perfect addition to your instructional program.  Each library contains a collection of books that have been aligned to grade-level, national, math standards.  All the best authors have been included.  An entire year's math concepts are covered in contextual formats that bring meaning and authenticity to the world of math.  Integrating math in stories and problems is real-life application.  The illustrations bring aesthetic appeal and/or depict life experiences! 

We offer one set of books for each grade level from PK - 8.  Each boxed set comes with a spreadsheet of titles, the math concept covered, and the standards addressed, so you will have a quick reference at your finger-tips when deciding how best to implement each reading selection.

Many of these quality trade books can be used to teach more than one math concept, but we selected for "best-use" when surveying all available books currently on the market.  Revisions or substitutions are made if books go out of publication.