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Individual Inventory Order:  Numeration II
(Upper Grades)

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Numeration II  (Upper Grades)
512 Ants on Sullivan Street 1255108 3.99
Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday 124AL04 6.99
Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday (Spanish) 124AL05 6.99
Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream 124AM08 16.95
America's Champion Swimmer 125AM01 6.00
Anno’s Mysterious Multiplying Jar 125AN05 8.99
Apple Fractions 255AP08 6.95
Bean Thirteen 128BE01 15.99
Best of Times 128BE06 16.95
Betcha 128BE08 5.99
Big Buck Adventure (The) 129BI01 6.95
Big Numbers 129BI02 5.99
Cheetah Math 265CH10 16.95
Clean - Sweep Campers 135CL05 5.95
Clean - Sweep Campers (Spanish) 135CL05S 5.95
Count to a Million 136CX05 6.95
Counting & Numbers 136CO07 7.95
Counting on Frank 137CO01 6.97
Coyotes All Around 137CO02 5.99
Cut Down to Size at High Noon 137CU03 6.95
Division 266DI10 7.95
Everybody Wins! 139EV10 5.95
Everybody Wins! (Spanish) 139EV10S 5.95
Divide and Ride 138DI02 5.99
Fair Bear Share (A) 140FA06 5.99
Fraction Action 144FR03 6.99
Fraction Fun 144FR04 6.95
Fractions, Decimals, and Percents 271FR10 16.95
Funny and Fabulous Fraction Stories 144FU06 10.95
Full House 267FU10 6.99
Go Figure 145GO05 16.99
Great Divide (The) 147GR01 6.99
Grizzly Gazzette (The) 147GR05 5.99
Hershey's Chocolate Math Fractions (Out of Publication) 250HE08 12.00
Hershey’s Chocolate Math From Addition to Multiplication 269HE10 7.99
History of Counting (The) 148HI05 18.99
How Big is Big? 149HO06 23.00
How Much is a Million 149HO13 6.99
If Dogs Were Dinosaurs 153IF02 16.99
If the World Were a Village 153IF03 16.95
If You Hopped Like a Frog 153IF04 16.95
If You Made a Million 153IF05 6.99
Isabel’s Car Wash 270IS10 15.95
Jack and the Beanstalk 154JA09 16.95
Jump, Kangaroo Jump! 154JU10 5.99
Less Than Zero 156LE06 16.99
Little Numbers 157LI01 15.95
Long Wait (The) 157LO03 5.95
Long Wait (The) (Spanish) 157LO03S 5.95
Math Curse (The) 158MA05 17.99
Math Dictionary 001MD020 12.95
Math for Smarty Pants 159MA03 14.99
Million Fish...More or Less 260MI08 6.99
Miss Spider's Tea Party 163MI04 3.99
Mission: Addition 163MI08 6.95
Multiplying Menace:  The Revenge of Rumpelstiltskin 164MU03 6.95
On Beyond a Million 165ON11 6.99
One Hundred Hungry Ants 166ON06 6.95
Penny Pot (The) 168PE08 5.99
Penny:  The Forgotten Coin 168PE09 15.95
Piece = Part = Portion:  Fractions = Decimals = Percents (dual language) 169PI01 7.95
Pigs at Odds:  Fun with Math and Money 169PI03 6.99
Pigs Go to Market:  Fun with Math and Shopping 169PI04 6.99
Place for Zero (A) 169PL07 7.95
Pythagoras and the Ratio 272PY10 7.95
Remainder of One 173RE07 6.99
Sea Squares 261SE08 5.95
Shark Swimathon 174SH12 5.99
Sir Cumference and All the King’s Tens 273SI10 7.95
Six Million Paper Clips 175SI07 7.95
Slugger's Car Wash 176SL03 5.99
Stacks of Trouble 178ST01 5.95
Stacks of Trouble (Spanish) 178ST01S 5.95
Tara Pays Up! 179TA01 5.99
Twizzlers Percentages Book 188TW06 6.95
Warlord's Puppetters 189WA04 15.95
Working with Fractions 190WO15 16.95
You Can Count on Monsters 274YO10 24.95
You Can, Toucan Math 190YO20 6.95