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100 Days of School 166ON11 7.95
Anno's Mysterious Multiplying Jar 125AN05 8.99
Bat Jamboree 127BA05 6.99
Can You Count to a Google? 277CA10 6.95
Can You See What I See? Cool Collection 134CA01 13.95
Caps for Sale 134CA04 6.95
Clap Your Hands 135CL04 6.99
Count on Pablo 136CO03 5.95
Count on Pablo (Spanish) 136CO04S 5.95
Dinosaur Deals 138DI01 5.99
Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too? 278DO10 6.99
Double the Ducks 138DO08 5.99
Each Orange Has Eight Slices 139EA02 6.99
Eight Hands Round 139EI04 6.99
Even Steven & Odd Todd 139EV07 3.99
Feast for 10 140FE08 6.95
Great Number Rumble, The 146GR06 14.95
I See Patterns 150IS08 2.00
Icky Bug Shapes 153IB03 5.99
If You’re Happy and You Know It 279IF10 14.99
Keeping Quilt (The) 155KE07 6.99
King's Commissioners (The) 155KI09 15.95
Leaping Lizards 156LE02 15.99
Lots and Lots of Zebra Stripes 157LO04 9.95
Math Curse (The) 158MA05 17.99
Math Dictionary 001MD020 12.95
Missing Mittens 163MI06 5.99
Moove Over 163MO12 16.95
My Full Moon is Square 165MY02 15.00
One Grain of Rice 166ON05 21.99
Patchwork Quilt (The) 168PA03 16.99
Pattern Bugs 168PA05 22.60
Pattern Fish 168PA06 22.60
Patterns Everywhere 168PA04 5.25
Patterns in Peru 168PA07 16.95
Pythagoras and the Ratio 272PY10 7.95
Rabbits, Rabbits, Everywhere 170RA11 6.95
Ready, Set, Hop! 173RE04 5.99
Round Trip NEWRO08 6.99
Safari Park 174SA06 5.99
Seaweed Soup 174SE08 5.99
Six Dinner Sid 175SI06 6.99
Skip Counting 175SK08 5.25
Smushy Bus 176SM04 15.95
Sorting: Math Counts 204SO08 4.95
Super Specs 178SU10 5.95
Three Hat Day 180TH01 6.99
Tiki Tiki Tembo 180TI07 6.95
Uno's Garden 188UN13 19.95
Warlord's Messengers 189WA03 15.95
What Comes in Twos, Threes, and Fours 189WH10 6.99
What's Next Nina 190WH02 5.95
What's Next Nina (Spanish) 190WH03S 5.95
Wild Fibonacci 190WI14 14.95