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Problem Solving
Anno's Magic Seeds 125AN04 8.99
Ant and The Grasshopper (The) 125AN06 17.95
Arithme-Tickle 126AR02 6.00
Ben Franklin and the Magic Squares 128BE05 3.99
Book of Think (The) 129BO03 14.99
Can You Count in Greek - Exploring Ancient Number Systems 133CA06 11.95
Can You See What I See?  Cool Collections 134CA01 13.95
Cryptomania 137CR05 15.95
Giant Jam Sandwich 146GI03 6.95
Grapes of Math (The) 146GR04 5.99
Great Art Scandal (The) 146GR05 16.95
How High Can a Dinosaur Count? 149HO08 16.95
I Spy School Days 153IS01 13.95
King's Chessboard (The) 155KI08 6.99
Math Appeal 158MA04 16.95
Math Curse (The) 158MA05 17.99
Math Dictionary 001MD020 12.95
Math for All Seasons 159MA02 6.99
Math for Smarty Pants 159MA03 14.99
Math Potatoes 159MA05 16.95
Math Stories 159MA06 5.25
Math-terpieces 159MA07 16.95
Mazes (Animal Adventures) 160MA01 4.99
Midnight Math 160MI07 3.99
More or Less 163MO13 5.99
More Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School 163MO14 4.99
Napping House (The) 165NA04 6.95
Rock, Brock, and the Saving Shock 304RO10 16.99
Roman Numerals 1 to MM 305RO10 6.95
Science Trickery 174SC09 6.00
Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School 174SI13 4.99
Skittles Riddles Math 175SK09 6.95
Sold:  A Mathematic Adventure NEWSO08 6.95
Solve It 176SO07 5.25
Sundae Scoop (The) 178SU07 5.99
Warlord's Puzzle (The) 189WA05 15.95
Who Sank the Boat? 190WH11 5.99
You Can, Toucan, Math 190YO20 6.95