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Probability and Statistics
Ask Mia 126AS03 5.95
Baby Whale's Journey 127BA01 3.99
Bad Luck Brad 127BA02 5.95
Bad Luck Brad (Spanish) 127BA03S 5.95
Best Vacation Ever (The) 128BE07 5.99
Button Box (The) 133BU03 5.99
Buttons, Buttons 133BU04 2.00
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 135CL07 6.99
Dave's Down to Earth Rock Shop 137DA06 5.99
Do You Wana Bet? 139DO01 6.95
Fair is Fair 140FA07 5.95
G is for Googol: A Math Alphabet Book 145GI01 15.95
Graph It! 146GR01 5.25
Grandma's Button Box 146GR02 5.95
Great Graph Contest (The) 147GR02 6.95
I Hate Mathematics Book 150IH05 14.99
It Looked Like Spilt Milk 154IT05 6.99
It's Probably Penney 154IX06 16.95
Jumanji 281JU08 18.95
Kangaroo and Cricket 155KA04 12.95
Lemonade for Sale 156LE04 5.99
Math Dictionary 001MD020 12.95
No Fair 165NO08 3.99
Pigs at Odds:  Fun with Math and Games 169PI03 6.99
Probably Pistachio 170PR03 5.99
Put Me In the Zoo 170PU05 8.99
Sort it Out 176SO10 5.25
Sort, Pattern, Graph 10TB2032 21.99
Sports Illustrated for Kids 280SP10 9.95
Tally O'Mally 179TA00 5.99
Tiger Math 282TI08 7.95
Very Improbable Story, A 283VE08 7.95
What's Faster Than a Speeding Cheetah 189WH13 6.95
Who's Got Spots? 190WH12 5.95
Who’s Got Spots? (Spanish) 190WH12S 5.95