Mainstay Math LLC

The 6 E's to Excellence
The process always involves choices.

I.  ENJOY the Literature.  Reading the quality selections will build on students' appreciation for both math and literature.  These books bring richness and motivation to the wonder of mathematics.
  • Math Literature used as a springboard for the math concepts.
The best series:
  • Math Starts
  • Math Matters
The best authors:
  • Marilyn Burns
  • Greg Tang
  • Stuart Murphy
  • Pat Hutchins
  • Cindy Neuschwander
  • Jerry Pallotta
      & more...
The best approach. Text
that is:
  • Colorful
  • Authentic
  • Different
  • Meaningful
  • Emotionally stirring!
II.  ECHO the ideas.  Students are given the opportunity to express their thoughts, in writing, after connecting with the literature.  Whether the student relates the text to himself, the world, or his previous math experiences, he gets to record his ideas on paper after reading the story starters.
III.  EXAMINE the pieces.  "Hands-on" manipulatives provide interactive, interesting, and challenging opportunities for learning the math concept.  These could be thematically aligned counters to fraction pieces or geometric shapes, depending on each lesson's design.
IV.  EXTEND your thinking.  A chance to apply "new learnings" to other activities.  Especially designed for your brighter students who need those sparks to demonstrate their mental capacity.  Many times, students are given opportunities to be creative.
V.  EXPLORE other possibilities. 
  • Integrating technology by providing software applications, or sending students to appropriate web sites to develop a deeper understanding of the math skills.
  • Games are often incorporated to reinforce and give students opportunities to interact with one another.
VI.  EVALUATE your progress.  Students take quick assessments to demonstrate:
  • What they have learned, and to tell us what they think of the "6E" Kit process.  We care about what they think!
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